Ę√Standard fee for  1 page:(English, Korean, German, French, Chinese, Japanese)

       English to Korean: 250 words(=25 lines)  10,000 won~20,000 won

       Korean to English: 230 words(=23 lines)  15,000 won~50,000 won

 Ę√  Trnaslation with notarization

      Notarization fee+Translation fee+Process fee

        (*Translation fee for notarization: 10,000~50,000 won/page)

 Ę√ Confirmatory notarization(sworn statement)

.    Ę—See for more information about notarization fee

How to pay  

All general customers should pay at least 30% out of total translation fee in order to begin the translation process.

 *The rest of money should be paid before receiving completed files.

 *All customers should pay in full before they receive the translated-materials.


Bank information


Bank name: Woori Bank